Marina for the Caldon

Published: Wednesday, 03 November 2010

THERE are plans for a development at the Leek terminus of the Caldon Canal, which will include a new Marina.

The Staffordshire Moorlands District Council owns part of the Cornhill site, and aims to sign a collaboration deal with the private sector firm that owns the majority of the land, to develop it by the terminus of the waterway (pictured), Roger Fox tells us.


Councillors have also agreed to spend £30,000 on advisors for the scheme which will include housing, hotel and restaurant, and a marina.

However, the current economic conditions have made it impossible to secure significant external funding from organisations such as Advantage West Midlands, but money is being found elsewhere.

Charlotte Atkins

The original plans were to include a new road linking the terminus of the waterway, together with a more extensive marina aimed at  'attracting thousands of tourists into Leek', promised by the then MP Charlotte Atkins, a champion of the waterways, but she was defeated at the General Election.