Shooting and stabbing on the towpaths

Published: Sunday, 03 May 2009
THOUGH the argument is attacks can take place anywhere, people are finding it worrying that so many are taking place on towpaths, which is seen by many as an idyllic peaceful—and safe—place.

Over the past few days, in addition to the muggings, which we now rarely report, a man has been stabbed on the Regents Canal and another shot in the thigh on the Grand Union Canal.

The man who was knifed, saw two Asian youths fiddling with the ropes of a narrowboat moored on the Regents Canal at Islington, and he remonstrated with then, upon which they turned and attacked him, one stabbing him with a knife, then they both fled away on bikes on the upgraded towpath.

A passer-by called an ambulance and he was taken to hospital, though his wounds were not life threatening.

The man who was shot was on the towpath of the Grand Union Canal near Leamington, when he felt pain in his thigh and saw blood, realising he had been shot.

We learn this is a common occurrence around the waterway, as there is someone with a gun taking pot shots at passers-by on the towpath. The man required surgery at Warwick Hospital.

This is becoming quite serious in the area, and the police are appealing for witnesses come forward.