Massive marina for Stainforth

Published: Friday, 22 October 2010

THOUGH Natural England objected to a massive 500 berth marina at Stainforth, changes to the plans have resulted in it getting planning permission from Doncaster Council

The marina will be built on the Stainforth & Keadby Canal just outside the village, but originally created objections from Natural England as it would upset the wildlife habitats, but the developers, Waystone Ltd have made changes to accommodate wildlife, so the objection was withdrawn.

Revised plans

Natural England voiced its concern about the effect of the massive building project would have on wildlife and marine habitats, but has welcomed revised plans to increase wildlife habitats and for more canalside habitats to be retained.

In addition to 500 pontoon berths, the development will also include  a pub, restaurants, a visitor centre and shop units, as well as ample car parking.

Nature area

The developers have agreed to  a nature area and public open space  close to the marina, to be included later.  Waystone told the local council that it was widely accepted that marina developments have a positive effect, boosting regeneration and promoting tourism.

A spokesman revealed:

"It is clear from the comments and support of British Waterways that there is a demand for a new marina. It is likely, therefore, that the marina will help to secure economic development, tourism potential and social improvements."

However, in view of the downturn in boating at present, a 500 berth marina in that part of the little used system seems a rather precarious investment.