Couple's Golden Gift to canal

Published: Wednesday, 20 October 2010

MARGARET and Brian Limb of Old Whittington, Chesterfield, wanted a special way to mark their Golden Wedding Anniversary, and both being members of the Chesterfield Canal Trust they discovered it.

It was when they walk down to Staveley to watch the Trust's Volunteer Work Party in operation.

So instead of personal gifts for their anniversary, they asked all their friends and family to give money. They then donated it all to go towards the further restoration of the canal.

Cheque for £600

On Thursday they went to Mill Green at Staveley where they met Terry Berridge, who organises the Work Party, and presented him with a cheque for £600.

Margaret explained:

"After fifty years of marriage, there aren't many things that you want and we admire the work that these lads are doing and want to support them."

Brian too had something to say:

"We were a bit reluctant to have our photograph taken, but we hope that by making this gesture we will inspire others to do the same."

Terry enthused:

"We are very grateful for this wonderful donation. It will help us to extend the canal from Mill Green to Staveley Town Basin."


The 26 miles of the Chesterfield Canal from the Trent to Worksop have always been open. Six miles in Nottinghamshire and Rotherham with a further five miles in Derbyshire have already been restored along with 36 locks and 11 bridges. The Chesterfield Canal Trust is campaigning to close the nine mile gap between these two sections. The gift from Brian and Margaret demonstrates the tremendous local support for the project.