Another serious fire injury

Published: Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A BOATER is in hospital having suffered serious burns in a fire on hisĀ  narrowboat that damaged two others moored with it.

This is the second such incident where a boater has been severely burnt in such a fire, and again gives the warning of the danger of the misuse of gas on boats.

Mon & Brec

The boat was moored at Llanellen on the Mon & Brec near Abergavenny, and its owner was taken to the hospital in the town with burns to his chest, face, hands and forearms. His injuries were so severe he was later transferred to a specialist burns unit at a Swansea hospital.

It is believed the man was working on the gas fittings on his boat at the time of the accident, an unconfirmed report relates.

The previous incident was at Harlow on the Lee & Stort, where again, the boater had to be admitted to a specialist burns unit.