Gutless kayaker making good progress

Published: Monday, 27 September 2010

THE gutless kayaker was reported as being at Buckby Top Lock at midday last Friday, some 14 days into his journey.

Justin Hansen, the self styled 'gutless kayaker', is paddling 240 miles from Manchester to London, together with supporters, to raise money for St. Mark's Hospital in Harrow which specialises in intestinal failure, Allan Richards writes.

Crohn's disease

Due to Crohn's disease most of Justin's intestines have been removed. He needs at least 12 hours of intravenous nutrition (total parenteral nutrition: TPN) every day to survive. To avoid dehydration whilst paddling he is connected to an intravenous feed.

Amongst the many supporting Justin's paddle are the members of the National Community Boat Association (NCBA) and the National Association of Boat Owners (NABO). NABO's General Secretary, Richard Carpenter became involved when he answered an appeal for a support boat.

Support equipment

Richard's boat, Elysium, is allowing Justin to set up his range of support equipment for his overnight comfort in a sterile and fixed environment rather than a camp site.

Asked why he had volunteered, Richard explained:

" When I saw the task that Justin and his colleagues were undertaking and its timing I just had to get involved. Its a fair trip on a powered boat over three weeks, but paddling while connected to a machine and getting out at each lock sort of adds to that and inspires!"

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