Boater ripped-off mechanics

Published: Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A BOATER had a considerable amount of work done by mechanics on his boat, then ripped them off by taking his boat away without paying.

It was Scott  of Soar Mechanical Services who had worked on the boat after it had broken down on the Soar below Kegworth after it's BMC's cooling system had broken and affected the engine, our Pam Pickett tells us.

Great deal of work

This happened at the end of last week, with the mechanic undertaking a great deal of work on the Friday and the Monday, with  another mechanic, working on the boat over the weekend.

On Monday they tried to contact the owner by telephone but were unsuccessful, then yesterday, Tuesday, when the mechanic went to the boat to get payment, he found it had gone!

Owing money

The owner left owing a considerable amount of money, with the mechanics  now on the look-out for the boat, and would appreciate any information to trace the owner and get paid for the considerable amount of work that was needed to get the engine working again, amounting to around £1,500.

The boat is about a 45ft cruiser stern all steel narrowboat, ports to the rear, windows fore, tube handrails on the roof and round the stern. It is a 'dirty' green khaki-ish and a dirty looking blue colour, as if there was green mixed in with the blue paint. This is not an old looking boat though, but 'dirty' colours used.


The man called himself Tony, had darkish curly hair and wears reading glasses, is approximately 5'7", North West accent, possibly Liverpool/Manchester area, but quite well spoken. He appeared to be the only one on board. He claimed to work in the area.

At the time he was pointing as if he was cruising  North, towards the Trent, so there are many directions he could have gone, even back up the Soar to Leicester.

Work done by others

Apart from ripping off these two mechanics, he may also be getting work done by others and disappearing without paying.

Ali Myers of Beacon Boats, a close friend of Scott, is asking boaters to help:

"Please keep your eyes peeled for any boat that may be this one—it had no name or BW number on it either.  One of these mechanics is a close friend and self-employed, this  has stung him badly."

Scott has already done a trawl of the local marinas, but no joy, and the man's telephone is dead.  If you believe you have seen the boat, email Pam at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What a terrible way to reward a favour in getting a boater out of a mess...