Selling diesel on the waterways

Published: Monday, 20 September 2010

As a retired seller of diesel on the waterways perhaps I can help with a few points. By the way, this is not an exhaustive list, writes George Boyle.

Any supplier of rebated fuel needs to be a Registered Dealer in Controlled Oils (RDCO) and supply returns to HMRC every month. An RDCO is expected to take reasonable care that the oil he supplies is being used legally, i.e. not put in motor vehicles OR used for propulsion in boats without the correct duty being paid.

Must be checked

Trading Standards have laws about the supply of liquid fuel by retail. The pump used must be checked and sealed by them for accuracy. Any fuel supplied prepacked must be in sealed containers. It is not good enough that the pump used for filling containers is approved if the containers are filled without the customer being present, unless the containers are sealed by a method approved by trading standards.

[George was a supplier in Nb Alton, now retired.]