Another canal gets police patrols

Published: Wednesday, 15 September 2010

THE latest waterway to get police patrols to counteract  antisocial behaviour  is the Union Canal is Scotland.

As with the patrols on the towpaths in England, this Scottish effort, again is an attempt to contain the ever increasing anti social behaviour, and again is by police personnel on cycles, Alan Tilbury reports.

Unwanted problems

Lothian and Borders Police have announced  that six  officers are to patrol the waterway after a sharp increase in popularity with commuters and tourists, that are attracting unwanted problems.

Officers will patrol the 32 miles long canal during busy periods, including most days during the spring and summer, and mornings and evenings at other times.

Upgrading towpath

This is the result of £240,000 being spent on upgrading the towpath to attract more visitors, with the scheme prompted by  a serious sexual assault on a young woman on the towpath  earlier this year.

Chief Inspector Kevin Greig explained that the patrols would provide a high-visibility presence in secluded areas to bolster public confidence, and that officers on cycles wouldl be able to access areas of the  towpath more easily.