Liveaboard public enquiry starts

Published: Thursday, 09 September 2010

THE public inquiry concerning the legality of liveaboards on the Driffield Canal has started.

The public enquiry has been instigated by East Riding of Yorkshire Council  to determine whether people living on boats on the Driffield Canal are in breach of planning regulations, and if their boats amount to 'new dwellings' under the regulations.

Not allowed to live in boats

The council issued notices that the liveaboards are in breach of planning guidelines, and not allowed to live on boats on the waterway. The owners of two boats have appealed against council enforcement notices, hence the public inquiry, which is expected to last three days.

One of the boat owners, Gordon Taylor, stated he understood he did not  need planning consent as his boat was not permanently moored.

It is expected the decision by the Planning Inspectorate will be given in six weeks after the end of the enquiry.