Oil spill closes Regents Canal

Published: Friday, 03 September 2010

A 'SIGNIFICANT' oil spill from the National Grid by Maida Hill Tunnel has closed the Regents Canal.

The spill occurred yesterday, and British Waterway was alerted to the spill, which was so serious that it had no option but to close both the canal and the towpath.

Avoid further damage

The oil spill, from the National Grid cable system in this area is in the process of being cleaned-up, with the Environment Agency advising National Grid on the best way to manage the spillage, and avoid any further environmental damage.

British Waterways is seeking urgent action and explanation from National Grid, and is working with them to ensure a speedy clean-up of the waterway.

Minimise disruption

It wants the canal  reopened as quickly as possible to minimise disruption to the popular commercial passenger trip boats that run from Little Venice to Camden, and the restaurant boats who use this route. Also there are boats  travelling to the popular Angel Canal Festival, taking place this coming Sunday 5th September.

There is no intimation when the clean-up will be completed.