Boaters missed the canal

Published: Wednesday, 01 September 2010

A CREW of seven boaters ended up well and truly stuck  in their narrowboat on the Trent as they missed the entrance to the Trent & Mersey Canal at Derwent Mouth.

Coming up river, intending to carry on up through Derwent Mouth Lock onto the Trent & Mersey Canal, they completely missed the entrance carrying on up the Trent until eventually they ran out of depth and became completely stranded.

Ignored sign

They had ignored the 'No Entry' sign by Shardlow Marina, carried on under  Cavendish Bridge then as the depth receded with the river being low, became stuck on the gravel by London Road.

Instead of reversing in a straight line they panicked and attempted to turn the boat which resulted in it getting completely grounded and immoveable.  It was then the crew yelled at local residents to find out where they were, as they had contacted the fire service but could not give them a location, having no idea where they were!

Unable to move boat

It was late in the  evening when fire engines arrived from both Derbyshire and Leicester, but though a rope was attached to the boat they were unable to move it, so the decision was made to leave the boat, and take the people off.

It was then a water rescue team was brought in  to remove the five adults and two children from the narrowboat by a rescue boat making three journeys taking a woman and two children first, then two adults and finally the two remaining adults.

Altogether the rescue took three hours.  The boat has now been rescued.