IWA cash for restoration

Published: Monday, 30 August 2010
THE Inland Waterways Association has given cash to help the restoration of the Wey & Arun Canal.

Two separate donation have been given by the association, with Paul Roper, IWA South East Regional Chairman presenting  a cheque for £4,000 to the Wey & Arun Canal Trust as a contribution towards restoring a section of the summit level near Dunsfold. (Pictured.)

Much anguish

The section of canal near the Three Compasses Inn is known as the Dunsfold Cutting, thought to be the most significant piece of heavy engineering along the canal route and the source of much anguish for the original builders.

The money will allow the Trust to make a start restoring a section to fully  navigable condition.

A further grant, of £2,000, has been agreed by the IWA's Restoration Committee. This will assist with funding preliminary studies on the northern section of the canal route, in the Shalford and Bramley area, where the canal joins the Wey.

Considerable boost

Chris Harrison, the Trust's  Bramley Link Project Manager, explained:

"Not only is this grant a considerable boost to the Trust's ability to finance the work, but it demonstrates that the IWA is fully supportive of the Trust's objectives of implementing the Bramley Link Project. This welcome news comes at a time when the newly published Bramley Parish Plan includes an encouraging endorsement of the proposals for the project."