The reason why

Published: Wednesday, 25 August 2010

ALL of you must have noticed the Google advertisements that have appeared down the left hand column, so perhaps I should explain.

Though narrowboatworld has been advert free for over 10 years, and I am very proud of this, in this age of many people grasping all they can,  it is simply that  it is getting too expensive to produce on my limited resources, and anything resulting from the advertisements will go towards producing the site.

Not making money

There is no intention of making money, for after all the contributors all give their services free, so it would be inappropriate to do so, so any surplus amount will go towards actually advertising narrowboatworld—by Google Ads!

Jason, our designer has fitted the Google advertisements in so that they are  in no way intrusive, and do not interfere with the text.  Neither will I be including any other type of advertisement.

The cost of the site has risen considerably since  it went over to php, with so much material on the server,  so I have had to upgrade to a business account to accommodate this and allow such a colossal amount of traffic.

Over 2,000 pages

The number in the page address—this one is 2247—shows the number of pages on the server (though some have been deleted, it is still well over 2,000) and of course rapidly rising, plus nearly 1,000 photographs.

So that is the reason why.  I hope this is acceptable and you do not find it intrusive.  Perhaps some of the advertisements could even be of interest!

Tom Crossley