Little chance of Leeds & Liverpool opening

Published: Monday, 23 August 2010

THE Leeds & Liverpool  Canal is still closed, and the reservoirs very low.

Richard Carpenter's first picture shows Foulridge Upper Reservoir last week which is virtually empty—the darker brick shows where the water should be when full.

The recent rainfall has made little difference to the water levels, and it needs constant downpours to get levels back to normal.

Richard's picture of Foulridge Lower Reservoir, shows its level last week, and points out the normal level would be about halfway up, and with the Upper Foulridge Reservoir empty he  can't see the lower filling even before next years season starts!

But British Waterways is taking advantage of the closure, and are undertaking maintenance at various locks along the stoppage to minimise leaks.

Recently there was a somewhat panic closure of the five miles of the canal from Leeds to Newlay, but a notice was issued the following day that the section was open.