Drowned man had taken drugs

Published: Sunday, 22 August 2010
THE inquest on the man who drowned in the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at Wigan was told that the man had taken a cocktail of drugs, and would have been under their influence.

Stuart Yates, 38, was found in the waterway by Trenchfield Mill by a man walking his dog on the 24th of March, with the emergency services soon on the scene, but pronounced dead. He had been missing from his home since noon of the previous day, Alan Tilbury tells us.

Internet and prescription drugs

Consultant Histopathologist Dr Monica Agarwal, who conducted a post mortem examination, told the inquest held at Bolton that his body contained diamorphine, methadone and diazepam. It was revealed that he was obtaining drugs from internet sites in addition to taking prescription drugs.

He suffered a seizure in February as a result of his habit, and suffered another in early March, but carried on taking drugs.

Deputy Coroner Alan Walsh recorded a verdict, stating that Stuart Yates had died from drowning under the influence of diazepam and opiates.