Two more boat fires

Published: Saturday, 21 August 2010
AUGUST is seemingly the month for boat fires, with two already destroyed.

The one in Brian Holmes' picture is at bridge 27 on the Shropshire Union Canal near High Onn, with it clearly completely burnt out this month.

This was a live aboard, and boaters may remember the dog that yaps at every boat going by, with the 'boaters' now living in a nearby tent.


Another was torched at Kidlington last week on the Oxford Canal, with a nearby boater alerting the fire service, with the fire fighters, though unable to save the fibreglass boat, being able to prevent the fire spreading to those moored alongside along the towpath.

Police are treating it as arson, as youths were seen around the boat before the fire, and there was nothing in the boat that could cause it to ignite.