Pontoons in place at new marina

Published: Monday, 09 August 2010

PONTOONS have been floated into place at the new Becket's Park Marina in Northampton, as the work progresses.

Altogether there will be 100 berths in the marina, which being on a river is subject to rise and fall, hence floating pontoons, that were dragged into place by boat, Alan Tilbury relates.


Landscaping is now under way with 720 plants being planted to benefit wildlife.

Paul Arnold, Waterways Manager at the Environment Agency, explained:

"I am sure that anyone looking at the development will be able to imagine the very real benefits it will bring to Northampton. and how it will serve to put the town on the boating map."

The next stage will be the installation of  water and electricity supplies to the pontoons, with the marina expected to be completed by March next year.