British Waterways and towpaths

Published: Monday, 09 August 2010

BRITISH Waterways realises the problem with errant cyclists on the upgraded towpaths, and tells us it would welcome constructive suggestions.

Ed Fox, Head of Communications, at British Waterways believes that most cyclists, just like most boaters, anglers, walkers and joggers, are civilized and considerate people who appreciate and respect the mixed-use nature of towpaths, and goes on to explain:

"There are however a small minority who, whether through ignorance or bad attitude, ruin it for the rest of us.

"BW of course gets criticised if its towpaths are overgrown and rutted, or if it uses third party money to resurface them and open them up for walkers, wheelchairs and cyclists. There are not any easy solutions to this, and anti-social behaviour is not confined to the towpaths—or indeed to cyclists!"

"We have and do run a number of safety awareness initiatives and would welcome constructive suggestions."

If you have any constructive suggestions, here is your chance to put them forward, then perhaps eventually we we have peace on our towpaths.