Glow worms on the Grand Union

Published: Friday, 06 August 2010

A HERTFORDSHIRE resident, Sue Rickard, has reported a sighting of glow worms near Hemel Hempstead on the Grand Union Canal.

She recorded the sighting with British Waterways, remarking:

"The canal is home to a great variety of wildlife, but I didn't think I'd spot something as unusual as a glow worm on the canal. I had seen reports from the 70's that there used to be glow worms in this area, but I didn't expect to see them today.

The rare glow worm sighting has been commented on by Robin Scagell of the UK Glow Worm Survey who remarked:

"It's great news that a glow worm spotting has been made on the towpath of the Grand Union Canal. We get very few reports of glow worm sightings alongside canals, so it's interesting to hear about this one."