Stourbridge Canal closed again

Published: Wednesday, 29 April 2009

STOURBRIDGE Canal has been closed again, and de-watered at the site of the recent breach.

Since the breach was repaired there have been constant complaints from boaters with deep draughted vessels that there is insufficient depth of water for normal navigation.

However, British Waterways have denied this, stating that there is sufficient depth, that was until one of its own tugs became stuck at the site, unable to move.

So now, the boaters' complaints have proven accurate, for the whole stretch has been de-watered for investigation, with an official stoppage listed. There is no date when the problem will be solved.

Once again the boats at the basin are stranded, and as no official intimation has been given as to the canal's re-opening, there is doubt as to whether it will be open for the week-end and the May Day holiday.

Our Ralph Freeman sums it up admirably:

"You couldn't write the script could you? A boater friend suggested sending BW a stick marked with red, at the bottom, yellow in the middle and green at the top, weighted at one end with a house brick. Perhaps using this simple depth gauge they could get right!"