Incompatible with safety

Published: Friday, 23 July 2010

I HAVE over the last few weeks watched with great interest the debate on cyclists, I have in my own experience seen some horrendous use of the towpaths by these errant cyclists, writes Frank Hurst.

In my professional opinion as a retired Police Officer the situation is now out of hand and is becoming untenable. The growth of cycling in my opinion is incompatible with safety, it is as dangerous to mix cyclist and pedestrians as it is to mix pedestrians and motorists.

Watched with horror

It is unlawful for cyclists to ride in a pedestrianised area in the town, so why is it legal for them to do the same in an even more confined space on a towpath? I have sat on my boat and watched with horror the antics of some, especially during the commute to and from work when they have a head down and cycle furiously attitude which is dangerous.

It is not all cyclists, I have met some very responsible people who take great care, and are mindful of other canal users, but the bandits are becoming the majority.

Stupid and dangerous

On a matter of health and safety, putting pedestrians and cyclists in a confined linear space such as a towpath is mind numbingly stupid and dangerous, and someone will find themselves in court after an incident.

Come on powers-that-be get your act together, and stop this practise, cyclists were banned from towpaths for a reason, and the increased use of towpaths by pedestrians and fishermen make that ban even more sensible, I cannot in this day and age believe that any health and safety guru has not complained about this situation, could it be that they are cyclists?