Nine boats broken into

Published: Thursday, 27 May 2010

POLICE believe one man is responsible for nine narrowboats being broken into on the Wey, and are now urgently seeking him.

The last three break-ins were all around the 20th May, with various items stolen from the boats after the locks had been broken, Alan Tilbury tells us.


The police believe 35 years old Kedach Mustapha is responsible, and have released his photograph a second time in the hope of getting help from the public.

The most recent break-in was a narrowboat near the Newark Lane Weir in Ripley sometime between May 16 and May 22, with items totalling £118 being stolen.  Two more narrowboats were targeted by the New Inn in Send Road, Send and by the rowing club in Shalford Road, Shalford.  Yet another was broken into at Slyfield Green.

Spotted on towpath

The man had been spotted on the towpath by the boats, and it is believed he is responsible for a further five narrowboats broken into at Papercourt Lock in Tannery Lane, Ripley between April 19 and 21. In one boat £200 worth of goods were stolen, with damage to property estimated at £485.

The problem of course is that the majority of narrowboats are only secured by a simple padlock, and one blow can break it off allowing easy entry into the boat.