Pit bull savaged dog

Published: Monday, 29 March 2010

A BOATER'S dog was savagely attacked by a pit bull whilst moored by the towpath at Brighouse on the Aire & Calder last week.

The young woman from the boat had just taken her dog along the towpath behind  Sainsbury's when it was attacked by a pit bull, that grabbed  her dog's neck and would not let go, Alan Tilbury reveals.

Pulled off

The attacking dog had to be pulled off by other people, who risked also being attacked, with the boater's dog being covered in blood and needing a vet's urgent attention.

It was a girl who had the pit bull, but had no control over it.  After the people had pulled it off she simply walked away.


The noise of the dogs and shouting of the people involved was so loud that workers from a waterside mill dashed out to see what was happening, and shouted at those on the canalside to hit the attacking dog, which they then did which helped to get the pit bull off.