New bridge for the Erewash Canal

Published: Monday, 24 June 2024

THERE is to be a new bridge over the Erewash Canal.

Financed by Erewash Borough Council using a government grant to build the new bridge over the canal in Long Eaton, Janet Friend reports.

This bridge would connect Broad Street to West Park in Long Eaton and is set for approval.

ErewashBridgePresent bridge demolished

It would see the present Broad Street to West Park bridge in Long Eaton demolished and replaced with a modern new structure shown in the artistes' impression.

The existing footbridge, installed in 1913, provides an important link between the eastern residential areas and West Park and is well used. It is, however, showing its age and structural assessments suggest a lifespan of only approximately a further 10 years.  Artistes' impression by Gagarin Studio.

The Canal & River Trust have not objected to the scheme, which would take pedestrians, cyclists and wheelchair users over the Erewash Canal.


But the Accessible Waterways Association has objected, stating:

“The inclusion of steps will preclude many people from being able to use the bridge and this conflicts with government guidance. The provision of a 'cycle slope' can impact on users who need to hold the handrails."

However, the detail of the gradient, clearance and width of the bridge are within Canal & River Trust guidance.

A 'waterside terrace' would be built on the West Park side with two tiers of seating providing space for up to 100 people to sit. This terrace would also include steps to allow for kayaks to be launched onto the canal from two pontoons.