Anderton Boat Lift closed next year

Published: Monday, 08 April 2024

IT HAS been decided by the Canal & River Trust that the Anderton Boat Lift needs a major overhaul and so will be closed.

This it tells will be closed early next year for '12 to 18 months', so will be unable to be used next year and possibly running into 2026.

an openingRe-opened March 2002

The lift was entirely re-built and re-opened on the 26th March, with our photograph showing the band playing to commemorate the occasion.  But alas, perhaps foretelling its future history of many stoppages, its first use was carrying the Press and the gates failed to open when it reached the top, much to the embarrassment of the then British Waterways people. So down it came without the promised cruise on the Trent & Mersey Canal.

So yet another restoration next year, when it is hoped to open it temporarily for the 2025 Easter week-end then closed for the rest of the year.

The only way for boaters to gain access to the Weaver will be by the Manchester Ship Canal, which some boaters may find somewhat daunting.

Will be your chance

So if you want to use the Anderton Boat Lift, this year here will be your chance, always providing it is working, as regrettably all too often it is not.

There have been no few stoppages over the years of different lengths when the lift was out of action, so perhaps the major overhaul is well needed.