IWA want derelict aqueduct to stay

Published: Monday, 08 April 2024

THE plan to demolish the Aberdulais Aqueduct that carried the former Tennant Canal over the Neath in Wales, has caused a reaction from the Inland Waterways Association.

The association believes that sometime in the future the canal could be restored so wants the derelict aqueduct to remain in place.

Aberdulais AqueductCauses food risk

However, Natural Resources Wales (NRW) states that it is considering demolishing it as it causes flood risk to the properties by the river that rises significantly when in flood and the aqueduct is holding back the water adding to the danger.

It wants to demolish either its whole or part, to stop the flood water backing-up and again flooding the houses.

These are two of the options for reducing the flood risk, as the 27 properties have flooded many times over the years and the climate change is obviously bringing more rain so the situation for the families is getting worse.

The IWA is against this explaining it is a listed structure and demolishing it would not reduce the flood risk. And the future, using the aqueduct, could see both the Tennant and Neath canals back in use.