Survey to get more cash

Published: Monday, 25 March 2024

WITH surveys being somewhat in the news I thought I would remind you of another, writes T Lang.

This was launched at the start of the month [as we published] and being something to do with the IWA's work gathering 'crucial insights' from boaters regarding their experiences when cruising the inland waterways in 2023.

What I make of it, it is important to help Fund Britain's Waterways (FBW) to help get more funding.

Value of surveys

Boaters know the value of surveys, and will its results be slanted as the organisation wants?  Showing that the system is in such a bad state that more money is a must.

After all, the IWA and CaRT are rather close these days, so there would be a temptation to show the system being worse that it actually is.

Mind you, perhaps this time not a bad idea if it gets us more cash!