Turning the canal green

Published: Monday, 25 March 2024

IT WAS quite a shock for both boaters and visitors at the colour of the Tame Valley Canal.

For it was bright green!

But Canal & River Trust told that there was no reason to be worried as the water had purposely been dye-tested in order to check for leaks.

TameValleyGreenHarmless to wildlife

And It stressed that the dye was harmless to wildlife and would naturally disperse over the course of several days.

Should the canal be leaking at any point it will show green and pin-point the actual leak so that it could be attended to.

The dye stretched eight miles from Walsall Canal to Salford Junction, with stop planks in place to prevent it spreading further.


We are told by John Dodswell that the usual crack-pots took to social media with their ludicrous claims. One suggesting a load of peas had been tipped into the canal and another believing it was the sun's rays due to climate change!