Efforts being made to clear oil slick

Published: Monday, 04 March 2024

CONTRACTORS are at present attempting to clear the massive oil slick on the Paddington Arm  in London.

It has been discovered that this was illegally dumped in the canal  at Alperton covering six miles of waterway, Keith Gudgin reports.

 OilDumpedGUBooms are being used by specialist contractors to gather the oil in Paddington Basin, Canal & River Trust advise, where it can be skimmed-out and taken away for proper disposal.

Still spreading

They are also working to contain and remove oil from the worst affected areas along the waterway, where it is understood the oil is still spreading with the flow of the water.

It has been discovered that it originated as oil used for takeaways that had simply been discarded into the canal in bulk, to save the cost of disposal.

It has gathered around moored boats and is seriously affecting wildlife.