Six weeks before Oxford Canal reopens

Published: Thursday, 22 February 2024

THE Canal & River Trust tell it could be six weeks before Oxford Canal reopens after the landslip.

The landslip occurred some two weeks ago on the 7th February, meaning the navigation will be closed altogether for two months, Keith Gudgin reports.

Significant landslip

It was one of the heavy rainfalls that caused a significant landslip on a 20 yards high Easenhall Cutting on the North Oxford Canal near Brinklow, that has blocked both the navigation and towpath.

The past two weeks have been mostly taken-up by the trust working with the contractors to develop a plan to start to clear the large trees and debris from the canal that are in an awkward location, meaning it could take longer to resolve. The plan has been developed and work has started removing the trees, with the trust telling:

"Taking into account the popularity of the North Oxford Canal, as recently noted by our lockage reports, our priority is to re-open navigation as soon as possible."

Both the navigation and towpath have been closed to maintain public safety.