Mercia Marina launches Wellbeing Advocates initiative

Published: Saturday, 17 February 2024

IN ANY community there are those who go above and beyond in looking after neighbours and those who might be vulnerable' writes Tony Preston.

Imagine if that spirit of community care could be amplified, creating a network of compassionate advocates with the instinct to inquire about others' wellbeing, offer a helping hand, and raise concerns when necessary.

MerciaMentalNo one left behind

Mercia Marina has taken proactive steps to ensure that no one is left behind and this is the concept of a Wellbeing Advocate. The advocates were established to offer a helping hand and a listening ear for those who may need a little (or a lot of) extra support. Some boaters and lodge owners may be more vulnerable and may not have a support network readily available to provide help when needed or even just a friendly shoulder.

With more than 30 Mercians signing up to be Wellbeing Advocates this ensures that wherever possible there are always boots on the ground looking and reaching out for their fellow community members.

The advocates will keep an eye out for their neighbours, not just nodding hello and passing the time of day but asking themselves, are they truly okay as well as letting them know they are available to help. Being a good listener as well as a friendly face and available to chat works wonders.

Mercia First AidersGetting the help they need

With the help of the Local Area Coordinator,, Charlotte Mining, we can assist people in getting the help they need. Think of Wellbeing Advocates as neighbours on steroids—they go beyond the ordinary wave and hello. They engage meaningfully, taking that extra step to prevent crises from occurring. By keeping an eye out for subtle signs such as permanently closed curtains, a lack of visitors, or no indication of heating being used, they ensure that no one falls through the cracks.

The Wellbeing Advocates initiative is a commendable undertaking that uplifts the entire community, safeguarding the best interests and wellbeing of all. It provides a lifeline for those who might otherwise be overlooked, breaking down barriers and fostering a culture of genuine care.