Reservoir bank eroded

Published: Saturday, 10 February 2024

MARSWORTH Reservoir, feeding the Grand Union summit, eroded some weeks ago and was taped off, Howard Clarke writes.

MarswolthBankNo inconvenience to boaters or walkers as the canal is to the right of the bank photo down a steep embankment.

No shortage here

All reservoirs are full, close to overflowing. No shortage of water here.

Quite a few trees down in the summit cutting to Cow Roast, those in the navigation have been cleared. The two sunken boats at the Wendover Arm end of the summit are still sitting on the mud. Not much boat traffic recently. 

[There is a Canal & River Trust notice stating that the path will be closed and people diverted to the lower towpath.  Work on its repair will start on Monday the 12th February and is expected to last for four weeks.]