But what isn't she paying?

Published: Thursday, 18 January 2024

SO THE new boater Sharon Stone saves £500 a month from moving from a rented apartment in London, to a narrowboat, writes James Henry.

She saves this amount a month by buying then moving into a narrowboat, and moving around the London canals.

Something missing

She tells of her reduced monthly outgoings, but there seems to be something missing from her calculations.

I'm somewhat bewildered by the list, she telling her monthly costs are the loan repayment of the boat at £300, gas £10 but with electricity free by solar panels, and calculates she now saves £500 a month and has really taken to the life.

Boat licence

But what of the cost of the boat's licence? It is not calculated. If it doesn't have one that can possibly mean no insurance either, as you cannot get one without the other.

And she cruises around the Grand Union in London every 14 days, that tells us why neither are mooring charges also not calculated...