Scottish Government removes boat moorings and berthings from Visitor Levy

Published: Wednesday, 17 January 2024

UNITED effort by marine and tourism partners has achieved a key amendment:

Unified effort by marine and tourism partners achieves key amendment removing boat moorings and berthings from Scottish Government's Visitor Levy.

FalkirkOfficially responded

The Scottish Government has officially responded to the Local Government, Housing and Planning Committee’s Stage 1 Report on the Visitor Levy, a discretionary local council tax which, where applicable, will make accommodation providers liable for calculating and charging a levy on overnight visitor accommodation, confirming a significant amendment to the proposed Bill.

In a move welcomed by marine tourism stakeholders and the Parliamentary Committee leading on the Bill, the Government has agreed to introduce a Stage 2 amendment to remove boat moorings and berthings from the scope of the levy, unless the vessels are permanently moored and used for accommodation.

Immensely pleased

Sarah Kennedy, Chair, British Marine Scotland responds:

"We are immensely pleased that, having listened to our representations, the Scottish Government has accepted our case and now agreed that boat moorings and berthings should not be included in the legislation.

And trust that the Scottish Parliament will support this forthcoming amendment and so help protect Scotland’s world-renowned leisure marine tourism offer.”