Saving money with a narrowboat

Published: Monday, 15 January 2024

FOR many people narrowboat living can save a great deal of money.

Time to look elsewhere

As Sharron Lane discovered as she was paying £900 a month rent, but when the landlord increased it to £1,000, it was time for her to look elsewhere.

A 30ft narrowboat really took her fancy at £24,000, so she made the move a year ago, taking out a loan at a third of the price of the previous rent, with the knowledge the boat could eventually be hers.

Saves £500 a month

She tells that her costs monthly are loan repayment £300, gas £10 with electricity free by solar panels, so calculates she now saves £500 a month, and has really taken to the life.

But admits that at first, boating in winter she had what she calls the 'boat blues'. with being alone and coping with the then freezing weather and learning about moving the boat and operating locks, refilling the water and emptying the toilet.

But as the better weather came she really took to the life, that suits her as an artist, moving every 14 days around the Grand Union  Canal in London.


Of her experience she told:

"It was January too so I was freezing, I didn't know how to move the boat, empty the toilet or fill up the water.

"The best thing about boat life is the community, it is so nice to each other.  if it wasn't for them I don't think I could have done it."

Obviously her change for the better!