Flooding affects canal and river network!

Published: Wednesday, 10 January 2024

 SOMEWHAT late, Canal & River Trust tell flooding affects canal and river network!

That is what Matthew Symonds, Head of Customer Service Support at Canal & River Trust belatedly tells its customers!

A week too late

It was on Wednesday 3rd January that Storm Henk caused all the navigational rivers to flood, knocking out their complete use, yet it is a week later that the trust bothered to tell its customers, he telling:

"It’s been a devastating week for boaters, and the network, as downpour after downpour has fallen on already saturated ground. Hundreds of flood warnings have been issued, with around 150 still in place, by the Environment Agency."

But no warnings by the trust of the canals.

Matthew Symonds goes on to tell:

"As well as this massive influx of water, the strong winds have brought down many trees, along with damage to waterway infrastructure across the country—there’ll be a comprehensive round up of the damage so far discovered in this Friday’s Boaters’ Update."

Warn boaters of such

But somewhat late as it would have been sensible to warn boaters of such, just in case some had reason to move.

For though boaters would have been sensible enough to realise that the many river navigations were impassible, what about the canals?

Many of them were affected by the floods, and surely it would have been sensible to warn of such dangers by stoppage notices?  But nothing concerning the canals, not even yet.