It was completely overwhelmed

Published: Monday, 08 January 2024

SO ONLY one stoppage notice, at Newark Lock when most of the river locks were out of action, writes T. Lang.

Not much of a service was it? Not even any sort of warning for anyone, whilst boats, I have discovered, have sunk in many rivers, including the Trent of course, then the Severn and the Soar, as told on social media.

Jammed up against locks

With so many pictures of boats all over the place and jammed up against locks and in bridge holes.

Yet not even a stoppage notice about any of them, and I see a picture of one across that bridge at Barrow on Soar by the caravan park, clearly stopping any navigation—but no notice issued.

But now that the floods are quickly receding, one would have thought that Canal & River Trust would at least advise such as us stalwart boaters, and in the case of course of continuous cruisers who still have to move the regulation distance.

Alas nothing

But alas nothing—or 'nowt' as your Victor would say.  Surely the trust should now tell such-and-such river is open, rather than remaining completely silent, not giving boaters a chance. Or perhaps it has landed itself in a bit of a quandary, not being able to say a navigation is open when it hasn't bothered to first tell it was closed?

It was obviously completely overwhelmed!

[The latest and only stoppage notice concerning the flood is Newark Nether Lock, that tells the damage has been cleared but is now a restriction, but not how! Keith reports—Editor.]