Flooded Trent closes marinas and moorings

Published: Wednesday, 03 January 2024

THE continuous rain feeding into the Trent for many days has affected the marinas and moorings from Derwent Mouth to Cromwell by the now flooded river.

Further rain

And the forecast being for even further rain means it will get worse. The Trent is approaching the top of Derwent Mouth Lock, and as in the year 2000 the '100 year flood gate' at Shardlow is now closed leaving boats above Derwent Mouth Lock susceptible.

With the Trent meeting the Derwent at the lock, then the Soar adding to the volume of the flood, the bank-side moorings and marina moorings on the river are very much at risk.

The many resident boaters at marinas, who have not left as advised, are now stuck. With the road accesses under feet of water and closed they are in a precarious position being inaccessible.

The Soar

The Soar being in flood with waters backing up from the Trent and Derwent rivers has, we are informed, resulted in boats breaking away or risking sinking on both sides of the Soar.

All along the Trent, boats are either tied by their roofs stopping them rising in the flood or without a 'string' holding them back from going onto the piers in marinas. Many boats tied bank side are now under the flood water and very much at risk, with The Met Office giving the advice to collect essential items and leave until the flood water recedes.

The picture below was taken of Sawley Flood Lock at a previous flood, but water is now higher we are informed.


However the waters are getting higher with continuous rain in this area all yesterday and further rain forecast,

And of course the rain off the Pennines is now reaching the Trent swelling it further with the Met Office forecasting more rain, adding to the misery.