Whitley Lock weed should be cleared today

Published: Wednesday, 06 December 2023

WHITLEY Lock (2) on the Aire & Calder Navigation should be cleared of Floating Pennywort today.

1z pennywort RemoveThis has been blocking the lock for a week now, but the sheer amount of it has caused problems. The weed above the lock has been cleared together with the weed clearing boat removing the weed from the lock itself. Keith Gudgin reports.

Bottom of the lock

The weed boat and staff are working to clear the weed from the bottom of the lock to prevent it  clogging the lock below, which will then mean Whitley Lock should be open today, Wednesday.

However we are informed there is a great deal of weed to remove.

LATEST—The weed has been cleared and the lock open today, Wednesday, as promised.