Making it last?

Published: Monday, 04 December 2023

I THINK it was Victor who pointed out how contractors were doing jobs yet having to go back and do the same again a little later, writes Julie Warne.

And this time I am not having a 'go' at Victor, but agreeing with what he writes!

It is about his comments on those contractors that 'finish' a job yet a few days later have to go back to it again, the latest being Whitley Lock on the Aire & Calder Navigation, that was closed with the 'electrics failing' and then a few days later the 'power pack' failing, we are told.

Wood EndReal soap opera

Then there was the lift bridge on the Peak Forest Canal (pictured) that was a real soap opera, not forgetting that  Leeds & Liverpool swing bridge that Victor named the 'Cox on the Rocks' it failing so often.

Mind you the Winkwell Swing Bridge on the Grand Union Canal, that Victor named the 'Wink on the Blink' had its fair share of failures.

But there are too many times the contracrtors 'finish' a job, only to return a few days later, that to me just does not seem right.