Must preserve our language

Published: Wednesday, 29 November 2023

I AM HIGHLY delighted that you point out that not everyone has been brainwashed by American culture, writes Brian Cavill.

We must preserve our language and heritage at all costs. So many examples of Americanisms infiltrating it, the most annoying being 'Train Station' and 'Train Tracks'. I have had this argument with many people, when I was young it was 'Railway Station' and 'Railway Line'!

On another subject

There has been a lot of negativity recently about the state of the canal system and people giving up boating. Well just to partly redress the situation I am about to take it up again after a 12 years break with a new sailaway.

I think everyone has to accept that 'things ain't what they use to be' and as a country we have a 2.5 trillion debt, so money is going to be tight and governments have to prioritise spending. There is money in the canal system, but I reckon it's a lot with marinas and boatbuilders looking at the way charges and prices have rocketed. In the case of the latter I don't think its all about the cost of steel and like housing, its more to do with a Covid induced distorted market.

Hopefully this time around I will be wiser and not be taken in by all that 'Dream' nonsense,

Boaters just keep the faith!