Victor gets it wrong!

Published: Monday, 27 November 2023

I HAVE just read today’s article from Victor and while I often enjoy them and, as he says, he tells it how it is, writes Peter Bolton,

But today I think he has let himself down regarding CRT not know who to blame and getting things wrong.

When he referred to inconsiderate boaters being blamed, he referred to the problem being around locks 21 to 23 on the Erewash and as it rang a bell with me I checked back on the stoppage notices I receive and it refers actually to the Rochdale and in that area there are certainly some short pounds.

So whoever is to blame it would be only right to get the locations correct and therefore not being seen to follow CRT’s inaccuracies especially as later in the article he refers to locks 63 to 67 on the Erewash, which from memory it is classed of part of the Leicester Line of the Grand Union and would have lock numbers that high so that would seem right or am I having a senior moment.

[It was Victor who was having a senior moment Peter—Editor]