NABO tells of a shortage of bottled gas

Published: Friday, 24 November 2023

THE National Association of Boat Owners (NAB0) is telling of a shortage of Calor Gas.

With its members struggling at some marinas to obtain a supply, or being rationed to a single bottle.

It telling—'The small 3.9kg and 4.5kg cylinders are virtually unobtainable and the 6-13kg propane are as rare as hen’s teeth'.

GasBottlesSo severe

The problem is so severe that the association tells it contacted the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to inform it of the problem, and if Calor was 'a fit and proper company to sell bottled gas'.

Many boaters worried about their gas supply, especially now winter is approaching, are taking to store bottles when they can get them, but NABO is worried that there are literally hundreds of boats storing bottles that are certainly not conforming with the BSS regulations.

With this resulting in a failure when the examination is undertaken.

The boat in our picture with two gas bottles on the stern deck and another of the roof is a prime example.