E-scooters now not allowed

Published: Monday, 13 November 2023

THERE is confusion over the use of e-scooters on the towpaths writes Olive Peters.

This was pronounced during our summer on the canals where we met quite a few and had conversations about being allowed or not.

Left in a muddle

This was brought about by Canal & River Trust proclaiming that the were allowed on towpaths, then in the middle of our holiday, in August, the trust then proclaimed that they would no longer be allowed on the towpaths, that really did leave many in a muddle—us included!

It also raises the question of those continuous cruisers who carry an e-scooter to do such as their shopping, as normally moored out in the sticks to get seclusion. Do they have special dispensation? Nothing was told.

I can see the reason behind stopping them on the towpaths, as those, and e-bikes—that can be modified to go faster—can be dangerous, and in fact I remember a walker on the Regent's Canal towpath being knocked into the canal by an e-scooter and having to be taken to hospital.

Pity about normal cycles

So with it now being ruled no e-scooters or e-bikes on our towpaths it will at least be that little bit more safer. A pity about normal cycles though, as they can easily go a great deal faster.

Looking through your publication I can see that they also knock people in the canals, but no restraint, only a notice to 'watch your speed' or something similar that is no good whatsoever.