Gives a poor impression

Published: Monday, 06 November 2023

I HAVE never been able to understand the poor writing and mistakes in stoppage notices, writes T Lang.

And I have noticed many more than Victor occasionally tells us about.

Doesn't Canal & River Trust realise how badly such reflects on itself? 

I see many people poking fun at it on social media, and to me there is little worse than text with either mistakes or silly information, and the obvious lack of constant style is terrible, with even the simple mistakes of not knowing when to put numbers either spelt out or figures or even caps on titles but not when just referring...


And more from Dave Collins who writes:

Being ex force's I'll stick to the 24 hour clock I guess.... but noon and midnight definitely take the 50/50 out of it.
Canal & River Trust are just embarrassing that they have such a platform to advertise themselves and yet they still come over as so amateurish.