Leeds & Liverpool damaged culvert repair will take to end of year

Published: Thursday, 02 November 2023

THE failed culvert on the Leeds & Liverpool Canal will take 'up to Christmas period' to repair.

The culvert failed on the 11th October, closing the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at  Wanless Bridge, (145), Keith Gudgin reported.

Investigation work has been completed into the 'cause of the leakage from the culvert' and safe access has been undertaken from the road.

Best solution

It has been decided that a pipe liner for the culvert will be the best solution to the problem that will allow the culvert to be sealed and prevent any water ingress and will be completed by Monday 13th November.

The next job will be to rebuild the damaged walls either side of the canal, undertake repairs to the canal bed and then install a new manhole chamber to access the culvert on the offside of the canal.

The trust believes these works will take up to the Christmas period to complete.