Another winter works cancelled

Published: Wednesday, 01 November 2023

THE winter works for a bridge on the Trent & Mersey has been cancelled.

This is Marbury Hall Bridge (196) that was to have its cracks repaired to finish the job of the lime mortar work that had already been completed, Keith Gudgin reports.

Not below water line

The trust maintains that as the cracks do not extend below the water line they do not need repairing.

This was to have been undertaken, the trust states—'Monday 8th January 2024 08:00 until Tuesday 31st October 2023 08:30'!  [Work that out if you can!—Editor.]

This means the navigation will no longer be closed at bridge 196 between the 8th January 2024 and the 15th January 2024, the trust believing the closure is not needed.