Over seven weeks yet Wigan Flight cill still not repaired

Published: Thursday, 26 October 2023

IT WAS way back in early September when a broken cill on Lock 69 closed the Wigan Flight.

We were informed this lock on the Leeds & Liverpool would take two weeks to repair, our being told:

A method of repair

'We have now established a method of repair, and our teams will be mobilising on site from Monday 11 September. We anticipate the repairs could take up to 2 weeks, but we will be able to provide an accurate timeframe once the repairs have started'.   

It is now over seven weeks later and the repair has still not been completed.

During this time we have been given various reasons/excuses for the delay.

Completed final stages

But yesterday we were advised that the teams had completed the final stages of the repair to Lock 69 on the Wigan Flight.

Our being told that the cill and apron have been installed and they are now awaiting the cement to cure before replenishing the pound ready for navigation to resume.