Worried residents at Sawley Marina

Published: Friday, 20 October 2023

STORM Babet that is now venting its fury over the country is causing concern to the residents of Sawley Marina.

This marina on the Trent has flooded in the past with the worst in 2000, causing it to be evacuated as the combined waters from the Trent and Derwent even took the water over Sawley Lock as shown on the picture.

flood cottNo boats lost

In those days the marina was under the jurisdiction of British Waterways that brought in its lock keepers and lengthmen to make sure no boats were lost, unlike Derby Boat Club that lost four and even Church Farm Marina above Derwent Mouth Lock loosing some boats.

Then, there were very few residents at Sawley, who managed to find places elsewhere, but now there are over 100 resident boaters, most with their boats their only accommodation, and with Canal & River Trust dispensing with the lock keepers and lengthmen, the residents are worried what will happen to their boats when they get fast on the jetties and the water floods in?

Unless its new owners have the people available to control the situation.  And there are now floating lodges in the marina that are securely fastened to their jetties, that will have to be looked after. But what experience have the owners of flooding rivers?

flood 12aLevels rising

A flood alert has been issued by the Environment Agency for both rivers with the levels rising and the Derwent particularly dangerous as the waters off the Pennines reach the Trent. 

If was the release of water from the Derwent reservoirs that exacerbated the 2000 flood.

At present the Trent flood alert in Nottinghamshire is from Castle Donington to Cromwell Weir, with river levels rising as shown at Colwick river gauge.

River levels will continue to rise

But the worst is yet to come with the Environment Agency telling—Heavy rainfall is forecast over the next 48 hours. River levels will continue to rise over the weekend.

So it is not looking good for the boaters at Sawley Marina. The two pictures show lesser floods.

800 Flood lock